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Re: post-release package update policy

Matthew Swift: "Re: post-release package update policy" (Oct 21, 13:14):
> I'm not sure what's wrong with having an evolving system called Debian.  

The problem is that at times it is possible to have a set of packages on
the ftp sites that do not work together.  Say a sitation where ncurses
is split into smaller packages (this is a hypothetical example), and dselect
is upgraded to the new version.  The dselect maintainer gets his new
ncurses packages from the ncurses maintainer  directly, installs them, removes
the .deb files (since he can always get them from the ftp site and his disk
is too full), upgrades dselect, and uploads the new dselect.  Meanwhile,
the ncurses maintainer has sudden trouble uploading his packages to the
ftp site, gets angry, is careless while driving home, and is put into
a hospital for four weeks in a coma.  Oops.

If there is a "release" version, which is _not_ modified, ever, and which
gets tested before it is announced, scenarios like the one above aren't
very likely.

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