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Re: Sendmail blues and need an editor

In message <9510271936.AA15843@dogwood.cray.com>, James W. Lynch writes:
>Hi, all.
>I got bit big by sendmail and had to re-install Debian.  I installed
>sendmail and after that the machine failed to boot ever again.  It
>looked like the networking got royally screwed up.  I didn't have
>a recovery disk (shame on me!) and so I couldn't get in to fix anything
>and I couldn't find a way to boot single user, so re-install.

	Was sendmail just hanging?  If it was then it will eventually 
time out on a nameserver lookup.  I've run into the same situation myself.


>Now so I don't have to do that again, I'm building myself a rescue
>disk and want to know what anyone is using for an editor on their 
>rescue disks.  
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