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501 trauma continues

OK...I have had a number of people suggesting that I check the 501 has
been correctly recognised. Now, in /proc, the interrupt file doesnt
mention IRQ 5 (where it is), and the ports file doesn't mention 0x280,
so my guess is it isnt found. in /proc/net/ the entry for eth0 says that
no information is available. The 501 module is loaded (I can see it with
modprobe). I tried using the bootdisk with
      linux root=/dev/sda1 ether=5,0x280,eth0
to no avail.

I dont think this is the cause of not being able to get ping to travel
on the loopback though.
dmesg doesn't mention anything about the 501, except that the eth0 device
is being configured (just after the 501 module is loaded).

The card does work however, as I have pcnfs on the same machine.

I have a P90, 24MBytes RAM, PCI 815 SCSI (IRQ12), two IDE drives on different
EIDE interfaces (IRQ 15 and 14). I have a Jazz-16 sound card too, but it isnt
recognized at bootup (I will probably have to recompile the kernel for that
one). I will be removing one of the IDE drives soon, so that LILO can find
my SCSI root kernel via the 815 bios (I hope).

It must be something obvious...but what?

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