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re:post-release package update policy

>Do you have to pay the telephonebill yourselves?

Yes, we each pay our own phone bills.  However, you must understand that
(unlike most of Europe) we don't pay by the minute for local calls.  So
for CDN$14/month I get a no frills data line that has no time limit.
(Although I must admit I also don't have to pay ISP fees as I connect to
the Internet through work during off hours).

>I'm keeping my system up to date by downloading packages via a unix 
>machine, transfer to a dos running box, copy it onto disks from there/
>download it to my home machine on costs of the hospital. But it is a
>task which is taking too much time, so my system is not all that up to date
>on all stuff. Anyway just some info on how I do it.

Sounds painful.  I can see why you'd want a better way.

Behan Webster
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