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Re: TeX, emtex, and dosemu

On Fri, 27 Oct 1995, Bruce Perens wrote:

> You haven't tried the Debian TeX packages yet. A lot of work has gone
> into them - they are probably an improvement over the Linux TeX you were
> using. Why not install Debian and give them a try? There are also a number
> of TeX users on debian-user who will share their experience with you.
> Please tell us what features emtex has that the TeX you've been using under
> Linux lacks.

I switched from (an early Slackware version of) TeX to the debian 
version.  So far, the only thing I found missing was dvi2tty, a renderer 
that generates more-or-less straight text from the dvi, good for the 
graphically impaired.

On the other hand, everything else has been wonderful, particularly with 
the smooth interface provided by emacs and auctex.  I'm a very happy user.


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