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Re: C++ with elf-gcc-2.7.0.deb

On Thu, 26 Oct 1995, Bernd S. Brentrup wrote:

> Here's a simple C++ program that segfaults unexpectedly. 
> Maybe I overlooked some required flags (there is no g++-elf command). 
::::::::::::::::::::::: lots of stuff :::::::::::::::::::::::::::
> bora:~/tmp$ segv
> Segmentation fault
> bora:~/tmp$ 
> The program is valid C++, so what's going on here?
Probably an improperly dereferenced pointer. I am having the same problem 
with code that I am working on. I traced it down to the for loop that 
parses commands. If I put a printf in the loop that prints all the 
pertinant values of context, the problem goes away. Because of the 
volumes of output, as well as the need to find out what is "really" 
wrong, this is not an adiquate solution.

Anyone have any pointers of tracking down bad pointers?



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