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Re: TeX

In your email to me, Kai Henningsen, you wrote:
> tps@major.pita.org (Tim 'pass the Prozac' Sailer)  wrote on 25.10.95 in <m0t8CGK-000DFzC@major.pita.org>:
> > OK.. I'm trying to set up TeX/LaTeX on my system. I tried various
> > combinations of the TeX packages with no success. I went and chose LaTex,
> > and dpkg nicely selected all the dependent packages. I forget now
> > (It was a few days ago I tried this) which failed, either texbin or texlib,
> > but the configure failed with exit status 1. Anyone else see this, or has
> > anyone else gotten it to install?
> Seen it. Changed the install script for texbin (IIRC) to end with "exit  
> 0". No guarantees, though.

That did the trick.. now to figure out why it barfs with exit 1!

> Furthermore, some package (xysomething?) seems to want a nonexisting  
> package "tex" as a precondition ...

Hrm.. there are *2* TeX packages... one std and one opt....


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