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Re: 501 trauma continues

Gordon Russell wrote:
> OK...I have had a number of people suggesting that I check the 501 has
> been correctly recognised. Now, in /proc, the interrupt file doesnt
> mention IRQ 5 (where it is), and the ports file doesn't mention 0x280,
> so my guess is it isnt found. in /proc/net/ the entry for eth0 says that
> no information is available. The 501 module is loaded (I can see it with
> modprobe). I tried using the bootdisk with
>       linux root=/dev/sda1 ether=5,0x280,eth0
> to no avail.

The problem is the module.

|  The driver still allows only
|  the default address for cards when loaded as a module, but that's
|  really less braindead than anyone using a 3c501 board. :)

As you can see you have to use the card at the default address (which
address is the default address?). Maybe we should add the 3c501 driver
to the kernel and remove it from the modules list.


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