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Re: post-release package update policy

I'm sorry guys. I know I promised to shut up but I just couldn't sit on my
hands when I saw this from Ian Jackson:

>Why is a collection of packages that is continuously updated not "a
>Product" ?  You can download it all in one go

Only then do you have a "Product".

<or in dribs and drabs,
>and if we are careful about what we update - as we should be - then it
>will work regardless.  The advantage to you is that you get a less
>buggy system.

I assume that the "we" who are carful, and should be, are the Debian
developers, but could enclude us users.

I can only say that my experience does not support the above view of what a
Product is. While trying to build a system, dpkg changed enough to loose
it's old database (rather than provide a conversion) and "forgot" that it
had installed the base package. When I went to remidy that problem, the only
version of the base package was a newer version than the one I had originaly
installed, but I had no choice but to install it. The installation failed to
reconfigure the system properly, leaving me without a working ppp connection
in Linux. Although a fixed snapshot provides opportunity for buggy packages
to hang around longer, it also allows the properly working ones to hang
around longer also (before they get upgraded to something that has new
bugs). This is especially critical reguarding the packages in the base

Thanks for your patience,


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