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Why are base 1 through 3 not compressed?

   Probably I should apologize for bothering everyone with my problems.
Thanks again for your patience.

   The easiest way for me to get debian materials is to log on to
a unix mainframe and copy things as files onto floppies, which I
then can copy to my home computer and unzip, dd, or rawrite as necessary.

   I think I will be able to process the bootdisk and rootdisk in
this way, although I have not yet tried it.  The base files, as
uncompressed images, are going to be more of a nuisance.  I tried
looking in the /dev section of the mainframe.  Although the terminal
I use has a floppy drive, there is no /dev/fd0.  I suspect there
may be a way of doing the equivalent of the dd command, but I'm
going to have to get some local help.

   Anyway, is there a reason why the base things are not compressed
in the same way that bootdisk and rootdisk are?

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