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"Out of the box" R6 install

Hi yet again...

I got the R6 disks and installed them on a friends system - also I got some 
floppies and installed packages over that way.  In any case we took his 
computer home, dialied into my rotary network and tried to SLIP in.  I had 
compressed SLIP turned on in sliplogin for him and no matter what we did all 
we could do is ping around the world only.  ie: no telnet's etc etc, just a 
ping - though when we booted to DOS and used Winsock it was fine with CSLIP 

The problem fixed itself when I changed his configuration to "normal" 
uncompressed SLIP in my slip configs here...  That's very strange because it 
boots fine and has CSLIP enabled when I look through the login notes at bootup 
(it is the default debian kernel of the disks).  SLIP works fine, but CSLIP 
wont - any suggestions? (other than ppp :-)


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