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Re: Is this list alive ?

   Date: Mon, 2 Oct 1995 10:25:11 GMT
   From: Patrick MAGNAUD <magnaud@markova.irit.fr>

   Is debian 0.93R6 available ?
   I didn't  find  boot-,root- or base-disk(s) on ftp.debian.org.

We've finally recovered from our misfortune of last week that delayed
the release (my one and only disk crashed two days before the release
was scheduled).

Most of the packages for 0.93R6 are already available under
/debian/debian-0.93/binary at ftp.debian.org, so those interested can
start downloading them.

The final set of installation diskettes (base-, boot-, and root-) were
internally released last night.  They'll probably be moved into public
view this evening or tomorrow morning, barring any major problems with

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