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Re: deb modules

> do I say 'NO' to the question on modules in the make config?

Which question?

> Do I then say 'NO' when I am asked about including ppp, slip, etc...?

Since you know you will use them, it makes sense to say "Y" and link them
into the kernel.

> 2.  Do I then rerun lilo, and reboot the new kernel?

"make zlilo" will do everything for you, given that LILO is set up to boot
/vmlinuz . It may overwrite what /vmlinuz is linked to now. I have my LILO
set up to boot a few different kernels, just in case the one I've just built
doesn't work.

> 3.  Do I then do a make modules, and make modules_install?

Yes, though to be safe you want to do this before running LILO, so if you
have a crash you don't have to boot with half a kernel.

> 4.  Does all this work with 1.3.32?  Is the proper version of 
> modules-xxx-tgz included in the deb packages?

It did when I built 1.3.32 . I am having some sort of problem with 1.3.36
in that my system dies when it goes multi-user. I ran all of the scripts
in init.d one-by-one and didn't find the problem. I'll see if there's a
1.3.37 yet.


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