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Re: post-release package update policy

> >>>>> "David" == David Engel <david@ods.com> writes:
> David> I really only see a need for two trees -- one stable a.out and
> David> one experimental ELF.  IMO, the experimental a.out tree should
> David> only be a short-term repository for bug fixes to be checked out
> David> by developers or beta testers before going into the stable
> David> tree.
> There are independent libraries, a basic level of kernel support, and 
> different compiler targets.  How do ELF and a.out conflict?

They do not conflict as such, but on the long term we have to have
the ELF packages in a FSSTND compliant location, i.e. /lib and /usr/lib.
In the current situation, the ELF development packages all go under 
/usr/i486-linuxelf/, and the binaries are all named *-elf. This is a
temporary solution. One day the ELF release will have to make the 
almost irreversible step of moving into these locations and abandoning
a.out support (or we'll have to move to a /usr/i486-linuxaout structure).
This causes problems for people who's /usr is on a different partition
than /.

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