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post-release package update policy

What should our policy be with regard to adding, replacing, and
updating packages under the debian-0.93 tree after the release?

Some suggest that it would be best to leave debian-0.93 alone after
the release, and that instead of moving new and updated packages into
debian-0.93, we should put them in a different (but easily-accessible)
tree, such as debian-updates-0.93.  The advantage of this approach is
that it gives users access to both the "released" and completely up to
date distributions.  The disadvantage is that users would have to make
a decision as to which of them to install.

Others suggest that we should keep doing what we're doing now--that
is, as packages are released, we should move them into debian-0.93.
The advantage of this approach is that users are guaranteed to have
all fixed and updated packages at the time they download the
distribution.  The disadvantage is that a release of Debian GNU/Linux
becomes a constantly moving and shifting target instead of something
tangible.  Alot of people complain that this is a major problem with
how we make releases.

I'm interested in a discussion as to which alternative we should use.

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