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re:post-release package update policy

Behan Webster wrote:
>Why do you need a specific "release" at all?  I'm quite happy running dftp
>periodically and updating my machine on the fly.  That's what I really love
>about debian, the fact that you can usually install a new package without
>too much grief.

Because, Behan, some of us do not yet have either a Debian system or a big
pipe onto the internet to get one! Some of us are creaping crawling slugs on
the belly of the earth, but we still want a Debian system!

Look I know this issue has ramifications for mirror sites, CD makers, and
developers. But, if you want to attract new people to Debian, you need to
have "A Product" that we can come and get, not a constantly changing
collection of packages.

I appologize if I sound a little cranked up but I am....  :-}

Thanks, Dale

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