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Re: MidNight Commander anyone?

On Sun, 22 Oct 1995, Dale Scheetz wrote:

> I have used MC in the past, and recently tried 3.0 on my Debian system.
> Although it compiled and installed flawlessly, none of the function keys work!

Function keys are a story for themselves. No probs in a xterm but problems
on the linux-console for both programs here.

> Since then, I have discoverd git (the same kind of tool from GNU), which is
> a part of the current Debian distribution. I like it just fine. The screen
> layout is basically the same, and I don't find the different function keys
> hard to deal with at all.

Maybe I have only an old version of git running, but the comfort of mc is 
much higher than that of git.
"git" is a GNU-tool with the old philosohy "learn all 74 keystrokes 
or you loose".
"mc" is a GNU-tool (owned by FSF!) of a (hopefully) new generation with a 
fancy and very functional menuing-system. 

The differences between git and mc are not the working (or not 
working) function keys.


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