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Re: lwared

I just compiled the latest lwared-0.94 with latest kernel 1.3.37.
All patches worked just fine.

Then I fired up my old 386 as Netware 3.11 server.
started the router daemons and lwared itself in LinuxBox.
Everything fine so far.

Then started dosemu in a second console window
and logged into Netware server.  Fine as usual.
Run SLIST on Netware,  SLIST reported Netware server and LinWare server.

Then I tryed to ATTACH to LinWare with ATTACH LINUX/ROOT command
and the dosemu froze totally  8(

Well, it looks real good.  I'm gonna try it to morrow in real network.

You know guys, this has the makings of a 'killer app', not from the
users point-of-view but from the netadmins point-of-view.
We can now provide allkinds of secondary services using Linux instead
of NetWare.

One of the first things I'm gonna setup is the user access for WWW-pages
in the LinuxBox.  This way the people can update their WEB-stuff in the
WEB-machine directly, without working in the NW and then transferring to

Cheers....  Lauri
Replay to  :  ltischler@fipower.fi     ..plse..


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