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Re: TeX capabilities of debian

>   (3) The non-X alternative for viewing dvi files seems to involve
> ghostscript.

That doesn't sound right. Perhaps there's an incorrect dependency?

> The Packages-master file says ghostscript depends on xR6shlib.

We have a new Ghostscript maintainer coming on line who will fix this.

> (dvihplj) which converts the dvi file to another file.

We call it "dviljp", there is also a "dvilj2p" and a "dvilj4".

> I then copy this file to a floppy, take it to a DOS
> machine which is connected to a printer, and copy the file to
> a printer with the /b switch.  Could I do something similar with debian TeX?

You can do _much_ better. If the DOS machine runs Windows for Workgroups
or DOS for Workgroups (although I haven't tested this on DOS For Workgroups),
and you have installed the free Microsoft TCP/IP (from their FTP site),
you can use "smbclient" to send the file to the printer over the network.
This also works with Windows 95 (configure it for LAN-manager over TCP/IP)
and NT.

> The printer is a laserjet which may or may not support postscript)

You can use GhostScript to convert PostScript to DVI, which is what I do
to print PostScript on my DeskJet 500 (which _definitely_ doesn't have
PostScript support). It works great!

> I realize many of my problems involve rather specialized needs.  Thanks
> for your patience.

Actually there are other users with more or less the same needs subscribed
to debian-user.


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