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Re: When to upgrade?

Lauri Tischler writes:
>> Is there any reason to upgrade to a later version of a package if the only
>> thing that has changed in the package name is the "package release number"?
>>                        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>> For example:    package-1.01-1  to  package-1.01-2    (package release changed)
>> As opposed to:  package-1.01-1  to  package-1.02-1    (package version changed)
>Maybe I'm being intentionally dumb (my normal state of mind) but what 
>consists the difference between 'version' and 'release' change ?
>Is version chance like, gcc 2.5.8 to 2.6.3  and then release change 
>only consists some debian stuff what has changed ?

Take latex-2e, which is upgraded by the upstream maintainers twice a year.
That's not reflected in the version string.

There may be changes in the way the package is configured for Debian, too.
python-1.2 (which I am maintaining) now includes info files.

There is no general rule, you have to follow the announcements in

-- Siggy (the middle S.)

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