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Partitioning HD strategy

Hello everybody.   
I am about ready to install Debian, and I am trying to decide how to
partition my HD.  I have 1 gig and I am thinking of something like

BootManager     1 
C:	      100  FAT
NT 1           80  NTFS
/	       16  ext2
SWAP	       64  ext2/FAT (shared between NT & Linux)
/usr	      200  ext2
/usr/local    200  ext2
/home         100  ext2
/var	       50  ext2
NT 2          120  NTFS
GAMES:        100  FAT

I have the following questions for you:

Does this seem reasonable to you?

Should I make /tmp separate?

Is 16 meg really sufficient for / with /tmp on it?

Where should Swap be for optimal performance in Linux (NT seems to be
able to handle swapping very well regardless, so it shouldn't matter

Should I make /var smaller (I want to have a very small newsfeed on it

Is /usr too small/large?  Is there a lot of software refusing to
install anywhere but /usr?  Basically, how should I split space
between /usr and /usr/local/?

Thank you in advance


PS I think it will be easier for me to d/l Debian from NT (than after
installing basic system), however since normal Linux kernel does not
support NTFS (and I will need gcc to add alpha NTFS driver to it, and
I won't have gcc on those 5 disks :-) I will have to put d/l on fat
partitions, meaning 8.3 filenames.  Will these "cut" filenames
matter in any way during installation?

PPS If you are wondering why I don't have Linux on my HD right now to
d/l stuff onto ext2 filesystems -- NT killed the entire HD during
installation :-(

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