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Andrew Howell: Re: Is xntpd OK?

Forwarded at author's request.

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Subject: Re: Is xntpd OK?
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Rob Browning writes:
> I installed xntp-3.4x-1 and was never able to get it to run.  I have a
> reasonable (AFAIK) /etc/ntp.conf file, but the program seg faults just
> after launch.  I can see this if I do an strace -f xntpd.
> Does it work OK for others?
> Here's the last bit of the strace:
> sigaction(SIGPIPE, {SIG_IGN}, NULL)     = 0
> brk(0x369d4)                            = 0x369d4
> brk(0x37000)                            = 0x37000
> brk(0x38000)                            = 0x38000
> brk(0x39000)                            = 0x39000
> adjtimex({mode=0, offset=0, frequency=0, maxerror=1846362112, esterror=1879048192, status=64, time_constant=0, precision=1, tolerance=-805306368, time={814259265, 296694}}) = 5
> --- SIGSEGV (Segmentation fault) ---
> +++ killed by SIGSEGV +++

What kernel are you using? It seg faults straight away with the newer 1.3.x
kernels due to a change in the time code and due to the fact that the debian
libc maintainer didn't add the patches he was meant to. Apparently 3.4y will
not need these patches so it will work with 1.3, when it's out I'll package it.
For now either use 1.2.x kernels, don't use xntp, or hassle the libc maintainer
some more (i've already posted this problem to debian-devel at least once with
no reply from anyone).


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