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Re: TeX capabilities of debian

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>On Sat, 28 Oct 1995, Charles Blair wrote:
>>    (4) My machine is not directly connected to a printer.  With emtex,
>> there is a specific command (dvihplj) which converts the dvi file to
>> another file.  I then copy this file to a floppy, take it to a DOS
>> machine which is connected to a printer, and copy the file to
>> a printer with the /b switch.  Could I do something similar with debian TeX?
>> (again, I would like to avoid postscript/ghostscript.  The printer is
>> a laserjet which may or may not support postscript)
>Because I'm having problems using my parallel connection under debian 
>linux (and haven't had enough time to solve the problem directly) I too 
>use dos to print, although use a novell connection under dosemu rather 
>than your sneakernet approach.  "dvilj" produces the .lj files that you 
>are accustomed to, and under DOS "copy/b file.lj lpt1" does indeed work.
>You can also use "mcopy file.lj a:" to put the .lj file onto a floppy 
I haven't had any of these problems.  I have an HP-LJ3 connected to
my debian-linux box at work and an HP-LJ2 on my home debian-linux 
machine.  On both machines I use dvilj2p to create a .lj file and
use lpr to print.  I suppose I could directly write to the printer
but I haven't even tried to do so.

BTW, I can tell from experience that the debian-linux version of
the TeX system of packages is *by far* better than the emtex.  I
would not even attempt to try emtex under dosemu.  Several features
come to mind that are better: faster tex processing, xdvi, integration
with emtex via auctex, etc.  If you are using tex, then go debian!

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