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Re: image-1.2.13-4.deb

dwarf@symnet.net said:
> I installed the image package 
> for the 1.2.13 R4 kernel, did the rdev setup on vmlinuz and copied 
> the new one to my dos partition. When I rebooted I was told that I
> was trying to boot an unconfigured system, and that I should configure
> it from the boot/root disks.

Huh? /sbin/unconfigured.sh was installed by the _Base_ package, not _image_.
I think something else must have happened - did you perchance boot up a 
different disk partition than the one you were using before?

If it says PPP is not available, use "lsmod" to make sure you have loaded
the "ppp", "slip", and "slhc" modules. I think you'll need all three. You
can voyage into /lib/modules/1.2.13 and load them manually with "insmod" if
nothing else works.

Once Ian uploads the new root disk and moves my new base and boot disks to
the visible area this snafu should improve for new installs.



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