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some good news! latex2html works!

In case anyone's had a rough day, I thought it might be worth reporting
some good news:  I've been trying for a while (understatement) to get 
Nikos Drakos' latex2html package 
to work, and finally succeeded this afternoon.

To do this, I (thought I) had to recompile Perl with some flags turned off.
With help from this group I succeeded at that today, and finally did get
latex2html to work.  (One has to also "patch" the latex2html source code by
adding a simple invocation to a DBM file at the top of it:  
"require AnyDBM_File;").

But the larger lesson I learned from all this was that whatever reasons 
I had for moving to Debian before this just *pale* in comparison to 
the joy of being able to tune and reinstall large, complex source package 
like Perl by minor edits to a small, elegant file like debian.rules.  
In effect, the debian design principles make those packages far more 
accessible to ordinary users.  

My next goal is to learn how to debianize a package myself so I can 
contribute to this terrific endeavor.

Susan Kleinmann

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