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auctex setup

I have finally managed to install tex, latex, etc on my home computer, and it seemed that my previous problem was caused by a corrupt file during downloading.  

Just an observation.  It seems the auctex is not setup properly after installation (it could have been caused by the fact that I didn't install emacs-el).  The file tex-site.elc is in the directory /usr/emacs/site-lisp/, but that is all.  When a tex file is loaded in emacs, auctex functions are not available.  I've linked tex-site.elc to site-start.elc for a remedy, but not sure if it'll cause any problem in future updating.  Any suggestion?

A separate question: where is the source for the current kernel?  I would like to recompile the kernel to get rid of many not needed feature and reduce the image size.



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