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Re: MidNight Commander anyone?

> > I have used MC in the past, and recently tried 3.0 on my Debian system.
> > Although it compiled and installed flawlessly, none of the function keys
> work!
> Function keys are a story for themselves. No probs in a xterm but problems
> on the linux-console for both programs here.
Mhm, maybe the terminfo database is outdated?  Could you please send
me the output from running untic in the Linux console?

The Midnight Commander 3.0 also features a Learn Keys feature
(accessible from the Options Menu) that will let you teach the
Midnight Commander about your function keys.  This was needed just to
deal with all of the broken terminal databases out there (only recent
ncurses distributed a not-so-broken terminal database).  

> Maybe I have only an old version of git running, but the comfort of mc is
> much higher than that of git.
> "git" is a GNU-tool with the old philosohy "learn all 74 keystrokes
> or you loose".
> "mc" is a GNU-tool (owned by FSF!) of a (hopefully) new generation with a
> fancy and very functional menuing-system.

The Midnight Commander also provides some extra features like it's
virtual file system that allows you to browse remote directories with
FTP or with it's own file system (the mcfs) as well as tar and
compressed tar files.  

I would love to see the Midnight Commander as part of the Debian


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