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Re: 0.93R6 Boot Disk U34F Loop

I need more data to investigate this problem. Does the system have an
Ultrastor 34F SCSI controller, or what controller does it have? It would
help even more if you could tell me the settings (address, etc.) of the
SCSI controller.



dlc@access.digex.net said:
> My office mate tried the new 0.93R6 boot disk on his Gateway 2000 
> without success.  After complaining about the lack of a PCI bus, it 
> went into some kind of repetitive sequence complaining about aborting 
> I/Os out of the U34F driver.  The messages scroll by too quickly to 
> glean much more info than this.  He is using SCSI disks under MS-DOS 
> without any problems.  Any ideas on how to figure out what's going 
> wrong?

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