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Re: deb modules

NOTE: All this stuff is only relevant for those trying to compile
their own kernels to use with debian.  If you don't need to compile
your own kernel, you don't need to read this...

>>>>> "R" == Rick Stiphout <rstiphou@conch.aa.msen.com> writes:

R> 1.  I am compiling 1.3.32, since it works well with my aha2940
R> SCSI.  If I want ppp, cslip, slip, etc... and I want to use dip, do
R> I say 'NO' to the question on modules in the make config?  Do I
R> then say 'NO' when I am asked about including ppp, slip, etc...?

I'm using 1.3.35 at the moment.  I have never compiled modules. I just
compile everything I need into the kernel.  This works fine.  Then you
don't need the modules-xxx-tgz file.  The only ugly bit is that if you
do nothing else, your debian system will complain on boot about not
being able to find the 1.3.35 modules directory, but this doesn't hurt
anything (AFAIK).

R> 2.  Do I then rerun lilo

**Absolutely**.  But first check that lilo's looking at the new kernel
(that you built with make zImage after the configure).  I actully have
lilo looking at /boot/vmlinuz which I have as a symbolic link to one
of several kernels in /boot (i.e. vmliniz-1.2.32, vmlinuz-1.3.32...).
I also have a lilo entry for /boot/vmlinuz-old which I always keep
pointing to the last safe kernel I have.

R> 3.  Do I then do a make modules, and make modules_install?

I don't, but I've never investigated modules.

R> 4.  Does all this work with 1.3.32?  Is the proper version of
R> modules-xxx-tgz included in the deb packages?

1.3.32 worked fine for me until I moved to 1.3.35.  But that was with
an older ppp package.  I'm afraid it might have some trouble with the
current debian ppp package...

For 1.3.35 I had to patch the debian ppp-2.2-1 source and rebuild the
debian package (if anyone wants this, let me know).  This was
necessary because there's a bug that makes it pppd segfault on launch
(at least under some of the newer kernels).

This was the first time I'd tried to use a debian source package, and
I was impressed, but it wasn't seamless.  I couldn't just do a
"./debian.rules build" since the new ppp headers are not in the new
kernel.  Read the ppp README.linux.  You have to do a "make kernel"
and then I think the "debian.rules" stuff will work to build
ppp-2.2-1.deb.  You also have to recompile the kernel now that you
have added the new ppp headers with make kernel.

Hope this stuff helps

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