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More Adaptec 2940 Woes

I'm trying to install Debian R6 on a PCI (Triton chipset) machine with
the Adaptec AHA-2940 SCSI adaptor that has caused so much grief. Anyway, I
have the recent boot disks that were supposed to support this adaptor and,
indeed, the boot-up sequence appears to recognize the card initially. After
the text below appears, the system dies. Any ideas?

Here's the console output:

aha152x: prottest: failed
aic7xxx_detect: devconfig 0x80, devstatus 0x5
aic78xx_detect: Reading SEEPROM... done
aic7870: extended translation enabled
AIC78770 (PCI-bus):
  irq 10
  bus release time 40 bclks
  data fifo threshold 100%
  SCSI Channel A:
    scsi id 7
    scsi selection timeout 256 ms
    scsi bus reset at power-on enabled
    scsi bus parity enabled
    scsi bus termination (low byte) enabled
aic7xxx: Downloading sequencer code..done.
Resetting the SCSI bus...
NCR5c406a: no available ports found
aic7xxx_isr: Encountered spurious interrupt.

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