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Re: Can I mount -t nfs to the Debian archive?

>Can you tell me how to do ftp install in detail.  How do I select the 
>files that I want, I want to install all the softwares, like Slackware 
>has.  Can I be able to use PPP connection to my ISP after I install the 
>base system?  When I do ftp, where should I put the Debian packages in my 
>Linux box? 

You can use 'dftp' to manage your installation from an FTP site.  It's
available as part of the distribution under "contrib/tools/dftp-1.1.csh".
Just rename it to "dftp".  For now, you'll need csh/tcsh to run it; I'm
working on a Perl version.  Type "dftp -help" for info on how to use it.

'dftp' will run on any unix box, but if you can FTP from your Linux box,
that's probably the best place to use it.

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