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slirp help - slakware->deb config files?

Just installed the debian system for the first time, having been a 
slackware fan for the last 18 months.  I have minicom and X and Seyon 
working, and am slowly going through all my config files; looks like it 
may be debian from now on....

However, I'm stuck.  I am trying to install 'slirp' on my system, and it 
does not have a .deb package.  So, I am using a set of gz files which, I 
think, were originally set up for slakware variants.

PROBLEM:  The README's talk about setting up some variables in the files 
etc/rc.d/rc.inet1, and in etc/resolv.conf.

My debian /etc does not have either of the above files.  I think the 
equivalent of the first one is etc/init.d/network, but do I need to 
simply add a new resolv.conf to my /etc directory?

Any help would be appreciated.  The binary on my ISP host works fine; 
however, my own system only comes back with "unknown server error" when I 
try various forms of 'dip.'

My slakware system does PPP just fine; I am trying to set up 
SLIRP on my new debian system, rather than PPP, for online cost reasons.

Thanks very much -

Rick Stiphout

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