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Re: Mouse problems with old logitech mouse

>Matthew Swift writes:
>     Use gpm -R if you're going to run X also.

Hmmm...  I tried this and, while it fixed the xdm reboot problem, it
caused another.

If I leave xfree reading /dev/mouse, then the cursor won't move at all.
If I set it to /dev/gpmdata (if I remember correctly), then the mouse moves
in fits and spurts around the screen, often in no relation to the movement
of the mouse.

I'm currently using one of the newer MS mice.

>Bill Hogan replies:
>     Shouldn't this decision be made in (by) `/etc/init.d/gpm'?

That would make sense to me.  The gpm installation could check if an
XF86Config file exists and if it does, prompt to change it to use
/dev/gpmdata (assuming that is the correct thing to do -- see above :-)
and then include the -R flag when launching gpm.

Of course, this wouldn't work if gpm were installed before xfree.

                                 ( bcwhite@bnr.ca )

    In theory, theory and practice are the same.  In practice, they're not.

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