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Re: dpkg Selective Install

brian white writes ("Re: dpkg Selective Install "):
> I was thinking about this...  How about just altering "install-info" a
> bit so that if, on install, the "dir" file does not exist, then it removes
> the info files it was about to install.  On de-install, if "dir" did not
> exist then it would just exit.

A better solution is, I think, firstly to use a mechanism I propose to
add to dpkg to have it selectively not install certain files (those
matching a list of wildcards in a configuration file somewhere).
Secondly, if you install a link in /usr/local/sbin called install-info
pointing to /bin/true suddenly all the problems with install-info
vanish :-).

Do people think this is so gross a hack that we shouldn't recommend it
to people who don't want to install the info files ?


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