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Re: Smail

John T. Larkin writes ("Smail"):
> I'm having a problem with smail.  It was recently working just fine.  But
> for some reason unknown to me, it has stopped working.
> Sending mail to user@foo results in a returned message, host unknown.
> Mail to user@foo.st gives the same error.
> Sending mail to user@foo.st.hmc.edu is ok.
> Here's 2 lines in /etc/resolv.conf:
> 	domain st.hmc.edu
> 	search st.hmc.edu hmc.edu
> 'telnet foo' works fine, so does something like 'finger @foo'.
> FYI, I have smail rev 13.

You probably need a `nameserver' line in resolv.conf.  What does your
/etc/host.conf say ?  Try seeing if nslookup works.


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