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Installation Assistance Needed


I aplogize in advance if this list is not the proper place for this
question as I have only been subscribed for a short number of days.

I would like to know what files/directory structures I need to 
ftp to do a Debian/Linux installation.  I have used a very early 
Slackware release as well as a SLS release prior to that.  I 
checked out the WWW site for Debian and printed out the documentation
that was there.  What I found leaves a lot to be desired.

I printed out a 50 page listing of what each package is as well as
how to boot the machine with the boot disk, supply any necessary
boot prompts for my hardware and then to install three more disks
which, apparently, loads the core kernel requirements.  At that 
point the documentation goes on to say to use the dpckg/dslct
(I know those are not the correct file names--I do not have the
documentation easily at hand) to load whatever packages you want
on the system.

What I am asking is, what do I ftp?  The 'binary' directory, or
the 'ms-dos' directory?  What is a *.deb file as compared to just
a *.gz file?  Some of those ms-dos directories are well over 1.44Mb,
is it acceptable to put break up the directory across multiple
floppies?  Do I even want the 'ms-dos' stuff?  Etc.

Please, any general information will be greatly appreciated.  I
realize that the documentation is still in draft state but I hope 
these questions and observations will be incoorporated into the 


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