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LinuxWare (NetWare clone)


Here is the information on the free NetWare-like server and client for
Linux. If you could package one of both of these, that would be great!
Anyone else want to help him?


	Bruce Perens

Title:          LinWare
Version:        0.94beta
Entered-date:   Oct 5, 1995
Description:    Novell NetWare like fileserver for Linux
		IPX utilities and router daemons included
Keywords:       fileserver IPX NCP Novell NetWare Linux
Author:         Ales Dryak <A.Dryak@sh.cvut.cz>
Maintained-by:  Ales Dryak <A.Dryak@sh.cvut.cz>
Primary-site:   klokan.sh.cvut.cz /pub/linux
		80 k lwared-0.94.tar.gz
Platform:       Linux 1.3.x
Copying-policy: GPL


Inspired by lwared-0.92, I adapted my smbfs to NetWare. It's not yet
complete. But I think I should make it publically available, because it
might already be useful now, and because I would like to hear your comments
about the legal status of the code. Please read the file ncpfs/README for
my concerns.

Be careful, this is ALPHA software, tested only by me. Here's the lsm:

Title:          ncpfs
Version:        0.1
Entered-date:   19. October 1995
Description:    With ncpfs you can mount volumes of your novell
                server read-only under Linux.
Keywords:       filesystem kernel ncp novell
Author:         lendecke@namu01.gwdg.de (Volker Lendecke)
Maintained-by:  lendecke@namu01.gwdg.de (Volker Lendecke)
Primary-site:   linux01.gwdg.de:/pub/smbfs
                   ~30k ncpfs-0.1.tgz
                   ~ 1k ncpfs-0.1.lsm
Copying-policy: GPL

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   ! Volker Lendecke               Internet: lendecke@namu01.gwdg.de !
   ! D-37081 Goettingen, Germany                                     !

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