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Re: Mirroring ftp.debian.org

At some point, Marcelo Magallon had written:
> We (a bunch of guys @ Physics' Department - University of Costa Rica) are
> trying to mirror ftp.debian.org, in order to provide a local (Central
> America mostly) mirror for debian. We are using the Perl-based Mirror
> program by Lee McLoughlin <lmjm@doc.ic.ac.uk>, version 2.3. This is the
> first mirror we are trying to run, and we are having some trouble with it.
> We've tested it using local (small) ftp servers, and everything seems to
> be OK, but when try to mirror ftp.debian.org, it's seems like the script
> can't handle it, because it runs out of memory (or at least Perl says so),
> and it quits, leaving the mirror unfinished. When we restart the script it
> "gets confused" and retrieves files already retrieved (actually, SOME of
> the files have changed, but not ALL of them). Bottom line is we haven't
> been able to mirror debian beyond the first 30-40 MB. 
> We are running Perl 4.0PL36, the one which comes with Slackware 2.0.0,
> which in turn is going to be dumped in favor of Debian 0.93R6. 
> Any ideas on this subject? Any mirror site`s manager listening? Help... 
> please. (My apologies is this is way off-topic)

I actually had the same problem with the same program. I think the problem
was the way it handles the sym-links. You'll have to delete the binary
directory in the main dir, then rm -r debian-0.93, and run your mirror
again. Uh.. this is only true if you had the 'old' mirror in place before
you started to mirror the r6.


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