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Re: post-release package update policy

Dale Scheetz writes ("Re: post-release package update policy"):
> [...]
> >and if we are careful about what we update - as we should be - then it
> >will work regardless.  The advantage to you is that you get a less
> >buggy system.
> I assume that the "we" who are carful, and should be, are the Debian
> developers, but could enclude us users.
> I can only say that my experience does not support the above view of what a
> Product is.

You seem to be under the impression that we had already made our
stable release at that point and adopted the `bugfix updates only'
policy that is being proposed.

>   While trying to build a system, dpkg changed enough to loose
> it's old database (rather than provide a conversion) and "forgot" that it
> had installed the base package.

This has *not* happened.  If dpkg thought the base package was
deinstalled it may have been right or not, and if it wasn't this was a
bug either in dpkg or in the base disks or base package.

I don't remember you having reported this as a bug ?

There *has* been a change to dpkg's database formats (and this
happened a very long time ago) but there *is* code which will
automatically convert your database structure.

>  When I went to remidy that problem, the only
> version of the base package was a newer version than the one I had originaly
> installed, but I had no choice but to install it. The installation failed to
> reconfigure the system properly, leaving me without a working ppp connection
> in Linux.

I may have missed you reporting this bug, since I don't read PPP bug
reports in general.


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