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Re: post-release package update policy

Matt wrote:
>Disk space and limited bandwidth are valid points, and I hadn't thought of the
>"dragging along" problem.  I wonder if the latter wouldn't be a quite rare
>problem, however, not a "strong possibility," since I guess it is rare for a
>package update to make its dependencies more stringent (i.e., requiring a more
>recent version of another package).  I might well be wrong, it is only a guess.
>By the way, are you saying that improved documentation and increased network
>security is an "esthetic" improvement in Debian?  Or else what do you mean?

Not at all! The esthetic arguments that I was alluding to involve trying to
define things like stable and release and determine what constitutes a release.
The "fixing" of packages at some arbitrary point in time should in no way
stop progress toward the perfect system we all want! It was only an attempt
on my part to allow those of us at 14.4 to get "A" system in a
straighforward fashion.

YHS, Dale

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