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Re: How do I get 1.47 base 1 file on a 1.44 floppy?

The base floppies are 1474560 bytes. This is actually _exactly_ 1440k .
However, they are meant to be copied in _raw_mode_ to the floppy, not
placed in the MSDOS filesystem. To do
this, use "dd if=1440_base_floppy-1 of=/dev/fd0" on a Unix system, or
use RAWRITE2.EXE (read the .txt file that comes with it) on a DOS system.

The "boot" and "root" floppies are compressed with GZIP. Use the GUNZIP
for DOS in that directory or one for Unix to uncompress them before writing
them to the floppy in raw mode as above.

Once you finish the above, put the "boot" floppy in drive 0 of your PC
and press reset. There are a bunch of people on this list who have gone
through the installation and can help you.

We don't have the installation manual done but there is an early version
of it on our WWW site.



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