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Smail and procmail


We just upgraded our machine which does the ppp-stuff, forwarding etc. 
*and* our mail-handling. Previously it was running a very old slackware 
setup. There we installed procmail in /usr/local and set it as the 
default mail-deliver program.

Now I want to have procmail again as the default mdp (mail-deliver 
program :), but I can't figure out how to do this anymore....

I think on the old system we had a link from /bin/mail to 
/usr/local/bin/procmail, but I'm not sure.... I've looked in the 
/etc/smail/transport file to see if I could set something in there, and I 
came up with something like:

local: driver=pipe, ...., ..., ...; cmd="/usr/bin/procmail $($user$)"

but this failed.

Can anybody please tell me what to do here? (except for setting a 
.forward, I already did that for now)

Thanx a lot


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