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Re: post-release package update policy

On Sun, 22 Oct 1995, Lars Wirzenius wrote:
> My suggestion is similar (I use names that I prefer :-):
> debian/
> 	debian-release/
> 		-- a frozen version; _no_ changes are made here after the
> 		-- version has been updated
> 	debian-current/
> 		-- R6 + any new or modified packages; a complete distribution
> 		-- (i.e., it is enough to download just this directory for
> 		-- the latest and greatest)
> 	debian-updates/
> 		-- only new or modified packages since the last frozen
> 		-- version (this should be the change from the above
> 		-- suggestion)

... stuff deleted

> The new or modified packages are also added to debian-updates, so that people
> can easily see what existing parts of the release version have changed.

I think that this is redundant.  There are a couple of less redundant 
alternatives here.  1) If symlinks are used in the current distribution, 
then people can see which packages have been updated by just looking at 
whether or not a package is a symlink to the stable release.  2) A file 
called UPDATES can be kept in the root of the "current" tree that 
shows which packages have been updated, perhaps with some information 
about the updated package (such as priority).

I prefer method 2 since only the one file (instead of the whole directory
tree) needs to be looked at to see which packages have been updated, and
more information can be included in the UPDATES file which helps the user
to decide whether or not he/she should get the new package. 


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