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Re: Installing debian from floppies.

Steve Preston writes ("Re: Installing debian from floppies."):
> Ok, great.  I got dpkg-1.0.5.tar.gz and built dpkg-split on my HP-UX
> machine.  
> {ASIDE: 
>      BTW, is there a bug mailing list?  I don't know how much it
>      matters, but these were the problems I had building dpkg-split,
>      which required dpkg-deb and md5sum:

There is a bug reporting address.  See the Debian Project's WWW pages
for details.  (http://www.debian.org/)

>      (1) 'configure' initially guessed wrong about a lot of things,
> 	 until I removed config.cache.

This is probably a packaging mistake.  I shouldn't ship a coopy of

>      (2) (lib/lock.c) flock() is a BSD function; not POSIX.  If you
> 	 want to be POSIX, you should use fcntl().

*sigh*  OK, I'll rewrite it to use fcntl.

>      (3) (lib/compat.c) In the function strsignal(), not all libc's
> 	 have a sys_siglist[] array.

What are you supposed to do if they haven't ?  If you send me code to
put in compat.c (I can probably write an autoconf macro to test for
this) I'll add it in.

> So anyway, I've been able to split .deb files.
> > If you make a pile of floppies that have the .deb files (split where
> > appropriate using dpkg-split) on msdos filesystems you should be able
> > to use dselect's `floppy disk' installation method.
> Question: I presume dpkg will tell the user to switch floppies if it
> cannot find the appropriate .deb file on the current one.  Does this
> work with whole as well as split .deb files?  In other words, can I
> use dselect to select a bunch of packages, spread (and possibly split)
> across several floppies?

Yes.  dselect tells you which packages are left to install and you
just keep feeding it floppies.

> Question: Is there some way to tell dpkg which floppies have which
> .deb files?  I am thinking that, when I am writing the dos files, I
> could also create a map file that says, for example, that the gdb
> package is on the 'devel3' floppy, etc.  Then, I copy this map file to
> my linux hard disk, and dpkg uses it to tell me which floppy to insert
> next.

Hmm.  I'll think about this.


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