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Re: Installing debian from floppies.

ylin95@netvoyage.net said:
> Is it possible to add lilo setup during the  installation or someone 
> correct me if I am wrong. 

This is an open issue. The problem is that the user may have another operating
system installed on a different disk partition. To accomodate this sort of
installation, we should put the LILO boot block in the boot record of the
partition that we've installed Debian in, not on the master boot record. We 
should then install a "partition boot manager" on the main boot block, unless
the user says they already have a partition boot manager installed.

The problem is that I don't have a partition boot manager that we can
distribute with Debian. It can't be shareware, and we must be allowed to sell
it because it is going on CD-ROM. There are several partition boot managers
floating around in net-land, and I haven't had time to research if one of them
fits our requirements. You are invited to assist in this task!


	Bruce Perens

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