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[no subject] 1.1 vs 1.2? 16-bit X modes and clients from Suns 2.0.25 and Lilo Re: 2.1 compilation secrets? 2 lpd processes; extra processes - possibly related? 8-bit clean gpm AAAH!! Diald again!! About the loop device About XFree86 3.2 ... accessing files over serial cable? acm unable to find Adaptec 2940 adduser shadowed Advice on hardware setup for 2nd NE2000 card AGREE kazem Bakhshesh Alternative to xfontsel? (little off topic) another odd problem Another PPP Question :( Anyone tried nm on libc5 Anyone using Free SCO Unix yet? any tcp/ip meter? apache Apache config error apache log oddity Apparent floppy disk problem Apparent floppy disk problem (fwd) ATAPI CDROM errors Automounter troubles AX25 packages Re: aztcd driver needs DOS to initialize sound card IDE port? Bad dependency: rpm bandwidth limiting bigger network! Big IDE drive on old bios Big Problem - HELP! Re: Blackout kills harddisk - owner pleads for help! bo is full of symlinks to rex? Boot up problem... bo, rex? bo seems to be empty on master? Re: Caching-only "named": where is the cache? Re: Caching-only "named": where is the cache? (fwd) Can Debian install from a UMSDOS filesystem? cannot exec 'cc1' Cannot install kernel module sbpcd with reveal CD drice Can't get xdm to work. Can't install cdu31a can't resolve symbol 'llseek' Can't seem to replace sendmail with smail. can't yp_bind: Reason: RPC failure Can we have "trial installations" in Debian? CD-ROM IRQ Timeout cdu31a CD with code-freeze for 1.2 cfengine? cleaning up kernel source Clock in error in NTP client env. Clone(), and I don't mean threads. combining linux partitions Compiling 1.2.13 using current frozen distribution Compiling numerical python Compiling Perl from Source Computer insane behaviour! corrupted krn-src-2.0.23 Re: Corrupt kernel-source package? A couple things I noticed with rex packages ... cpio WAS: Rearranging partitions Crack and cops cron cron problem csh * expantion problem cvsinit ? date and time dbackup Re: Re2: Debian ..... Debian 1.1 and 8GB hard disks Debian 1.2 & Xfree 3.2 Re: Debian and Windows95 FAT debian+emacs problem Debian for AXP? Debian lists shut down temporarily Debian logo? Re: Debian really best? debian via ftp default window size for netscape? DEFRAG for ext2fs depend problem Re: Deselect issues(was R: Is `.deb' still better than Deselect issues(was R: Is `.deb' still better than `.rpm'?) dftp and some problems dial up Dinamic Routing displaying pgp public key and xface in finger info??? Docs for cron.daily? RE: does libc5.4.7 belong in Rex DOSEmulator for linux DOS <--> Linux doubled gifs in mosaic2.7b5-2 dpkg-ftp problems (dselect and kernel source package)... (longish) (dpkg-ftp) Re: dftp and some problems dpkg-ftp won't upgrade CGI-modules dpkg problems dpkg verification Re: Dselect docs for beginners dselect ftp method broken dselect problem dselect reports error Re: DSelect Suggestions... dselect via ftp probs dual pentium dumb CDROM question Dynamic Linking efax no longer supports "fax view -l ..." EIDE CD-ROM not detected Emacs and tcsh Emacs and XEmacs E-Mail address EROLS IS Provider access problem Error making kernel package ETA of the new X packages Ethernet card problems Explicite provide Ext2fs error messages FAQ: Work-Needing and Prospective Packages Fdisk errors Re: file "[" in /usr/bin??? first steps: Installing kernel failed Re: first steps: Installing kernel failed - solved Fixed: Latex, Tex, PCMCIA Fix for CDU31A driver in 2.0.23 and 2.1.5 (fwd) Floppy installation problem Floppy management? Fortran I/O problems forward to debian-user Free SCO unix problems fvwm2-cde Fvwm2 question g77 & f2c serious problems g77 failure Getting a list of changes to a package... Re: GhostScript and Magicfilter Re: Ghostview Fonts 4.01-3 Gnus as a mailer Gnus isn't the culprit (too bad I don't know what is:( GnuStep Re: X is painful Re: Goodbye, all! Goodbye, all! (Whatever became of X3.2) Re: Goodbye, all! (Whatever became of X3.2) Re: Gosh, I can't believe this!!! (was: who's guilty...) Got unusable memory address 0x400cd008 (and libtermcap) Re: gsfonts Re: gsfonts -answer hard disk recommendation Help help?! Help... Help in configuring network card Help installing debian "Other" packages HELP - :( [Help] MouseSystems and X11 Help with LaTeX permissions Hint: slow Netscape How can I dial out on ttyS? How can I 'logically' provide a package? How do I delete Obsolete/Required packages? How do I make xautolock run all the time? Re: How do I use deb-make? How's HUP'ping isdnlog? How to choose safe configuration at boot time? Re: howto compile kernel in Debian 1.1.2 how to download in the background? Hylafax packages? Hylafax question Hypermail (web-based mail archiver) for debian? I am looking for a program icmpinfo icmp: udp port route unreachable I'll try Debian 1.2 some other time imake config Infomagic Developers Release - IDE installation problems init problems Re: init problems (fwd) innd and suck innd & mmap inn / suck - help me! Installation Instruction at Installation problem Installation via a modem? installing debian 1.1 Installing packages from an MSDOS partition installing .tgz's and Red Hat packages install problem... Interesting idea (was: Apache config error) Invitation Invitation for testers of "frozen" distribution The last update was on 10:09 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 1296 messages. Page 1 of 3.

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