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E-Mail address

> I have a university account (jlillibr@nmsu.edu) and a linux box at home. My
> account name is "joe" on the linux box, and I want all outgoing mail to say
> it is from jlillibr@nmsu.edu. How would I do this?

I'm using sendmail, rather than smail, and the sendmail installation dialogs
ask about this exact situation.  I just answered the questions, and it seems
to work--though I do sometimes still get replies going to my home machine as
well as to the department mail machine.

-Randy Gobbel

My email return address has been encoded to prevent spamming robots from
snarfing it.  If you've sent anything to debian-user recently, you know what I
mean :-(.  Friendly humans are welcome to send me email.  My username is
gobbel, the hostname should be cogsci.ucsd.edu.

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