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Re: g77 & f2c serious problems

On Thu, 7 Nov 1996, Arrigo Triulzi wrote:

> 	people here are having very serious problems with both g77 and
> f2c: the numbers which come out at the end are different from any
> other architecture we can lay our hands on, i.e. they have declared
> the boxes unfit for numerical calculations.
> 	This is a pretty major problem because the whole idea of
> getting Linux on fast PCs was to offload the main Unix boxes from
> jobs. Now the question is: am I the only one seeing this problem or is
> this a known problem which somehow doesn't make it on the READMEs and
> FAQs? I'd like to point out that where g77 is in alpha stage, f2c
> isn't and on other architectures is happily used and gives numerically
> consistent results with the native Fortran compilers.

The only problem I've had is that with one numbercrunching program (NEC)
I had to use g77's equivalent of the "-static" switch even though
"-static" isn't necessary with other compilers for that program.
I forget the exact syntax, g77 doesn't support "-static" by that name,
it's something like "-fno_automatic" (see the g77 info file section
on command line parameters.)

BTW, I put Linux on this PC for the same reason as you did, and it's
worked out quite well, especially since this PC is considerably
faster than our aging "main Unix boxes".

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