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How's HUP'ping isdnlog?


I've got a minor problem for some time now, and I hope somebody
might help me out. I have been running I4L for some time now
without a hitch, so I was amazed to find out that something broke
recently. Since I didn't notice it right away, there's no easy
way for me to figure out what exactly caused it :-/

Anyways, as part of my isdn setup in init.d, I start isdnlog to 
keep an eye on my isdn traffic. I have isdnlog set up to dump
data to /dev/tty8. This used to work just fine. However, recently
somebody or something caused isdnlog to break on startup. The
error message "re-reading config file" that gets dumped to the
terminal is obviously caused by a SIGHUP that isdnlog receives.

Now I'm wondering who goes around twiddling my processes when I'd
rather have them run quietly :-)

Is it due to the fact that the virtual consoles aren't available 
when isdnlog gets started? If that's the case, how do I get 
around it? Right now, isdnlog has a start/stop priority of 20.

If I stop/start the script in /etc/init.d manually, everything
works just fine.

TIA for your opinions on that matter!

Thomas Baetzler, thb@regioservice.de, thb@spectre.ka.sub.org
   <A HREF="http://home.pages.de/~thb/";>thb's Homepage</A>

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