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Re: EIDE CD-ROM not detected

On Sun, 10 Nov 1996 14:16:11 +1100 Lawrence Chim (ychim@yallara.cs.rmi
t.edu.au) wrote:

> I have a SCSI and a EIDE CD-ROM.  I don't know
> why linux cannnot detect (then mount) the EIDE
> CD-ROM unless I boot the DOS first then run
> loadlin.  It seems that it needs the DOS cdrom
> driver to initialise the CDROM first.

That's probably a PNP drive which needs to be initialized by special magic. Unfortunately, linux is quite stuck with these, and you have to live with LOADLIN. 
However, there's something called pnptools (I don't exactly remeber the name) which might be of some help.


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